Who Are We?

W e have been in the organic and sustainable farming business for over 30 years. We manufacture products to meet our customers' specific needs and we offer individual off-the-shelf products as well. We operate on a knowledge base of thousands of acres and refined preparation for application approaches. Give us a call. Our reputation for quality and service is second to none. The challenges of organic production serve as stimulation for continued company growth. Our dedicated employees are the key to Northwest Biotech's growth.

Customer of the month Testimonial:

"In the spring of 2001, I began using the bio program from Northwest Biotech on potatoes, barley and alfalfa. The root structures took off and developed far beyond anything I had in the past. The overall health of the plants was visible with greater yields and less disease." "In 2004, I moved the bio program to a desert-climate sod farm. There again, I was stunned by the growth of the root structure and disease dissipated. Maintenance on the sod farm was greatly reduced. The system works."

-- Rick Edwards Valley Sod Farm, LLC - Las Vegas, Nevada.